My Top 5 Favorite Hikes in Kamloops

Kamloops is the perfect central location for so many amazing hikes and outdoor adventures. Here are my top 5 picks for you to enjoy.

Battle Bluff

This short but sweet hike gives extremely rewarding views over Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River. The rocky bluff sits high above the lake making you feel like you’re on top of the world! Directions to the hike can be found here.

Battle Bluff, Kamloops, BC

Sunset Trail

This one is a personal favorite of mine for a quick after work adventure. True to it’s name, this hike rewards the most stunning views while the sun is setting. There are a few different ways to access this trail. I typically use the directions that are on this page if I am in a time crunch to get to the sunset in time.

Sunset Trail, Kamloops, BC

Gibraltar Rock

For a more challenging hike, head out to Paul Lake Provincial Park and enjoy the landscape that Gibraltar Rock has to offer. This hike takes you up to a high vantage point that offers 360 degree views of Paul Lake. Find directions here.

Mt. Buse

Mt. Buse is a very unique hike that rambles up an old road and eventually grants views of small lakes, the Kamloops valley, and rock formations. After the hike is done you can also cross the road to explore some old abandoned houses. Find directions for Mt. Buse here.

Kamloops Rest Stop

This one is not so much a hike – but one of my all time favorite scenic locations near Kamloops. Drive 30.7 KM west of Kamloops, just past Tobiano Golf Course, and pull out at the BC Rest Stop on the right hand side. Enjoy the network of trails that branch off from here and over look Kamloops Lake.


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