My 5 Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here. Hiking, waterfall chasing and lake days are starting already and I am SO stoked for more to come. So I thought I would share with you my top 5 summer essentials to roll into summer!

1. Good Sunglasses

I have the most sensitive eyes so a good pair of sunglasses are key to me. I also look for something sturdy, yet lightweight. Nogs are me favorite sunglasses because the modular frame can be changed depending on my mood.



2. GoPro

A GoPro camera is one of my ultimate summer essentials. These bad boys can withstand water, sand, sun, and every other element that summer wants to throw at it. To top it off they also take epic photos.


3. Some Good Sunscreen

This one is kind of a boring one – but it is so important. I am that person who gets so pumped when the sun is shining that I don’t put sunscreen on and then I am hurting so bad for the next week. I use Hawaiin Tropic because it literally smells like summer in a bottle.

4. Hammocks on Hammocks

If you know me, then you know that I have an obsession over hammocks. I hang them anywhere and everywhere. Probably because I love napping and a hammock allows me to nap anywhere. BONUS: you can sleep overnight in a hammock. Who needs a tent right?


5. Boots and a Backpack

Obviously my favorite summer time activity is hiking. So this one is a no brainer. Seriously invest in a good pair of boots and a backpack and your summer will fly by and be the most epic one yet!


Backpack: Deuter
Boots: Pacific Mountain Outdoor
Outfit: SKINS

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  1. Love this post and the energy!😉🌸


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